Retro-style Speculative Fiction which will also feature female and male protagonists, people of varying cultures, religious views, and sexualities. The stars belong to all of us.

The current editorial is Editing Your Own WorkThis editorial is about proofreader marks and how to edit in Word or a Word substitute.

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Submissions are now closed for Universe of Attractions. We are in the process of sending out contracts for accepted stories and working to improve other stories. (And fighting with webhosting programs. Please be patient

The entirety of Step Lightly, Space Kitty has been posted. Feel free to make comments and complaints.

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Upcoming Books

To Serve in Heaven, the first book of Alfred D Byrd's The Volant Flyway, is scheduled for release on December 1. They weremade to fly on Mars, but politics and specism left them trapped in a space habitat. Now, with population and tempers rising, things in Volant Habitat are about to explode.

Several shorter pieces set in the T-Space Universe will be finalized, including the long anticipated Step Lightly, Space Kitty. The Captain's greatest treasure has been lost in a game of chance. Can it be returned before the Captain finds out?

Other books will also be featured, so come on in and see what is new!

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