Retro-style Speculative Fiction which will also feature female and male protagonists, people of varying cultures, religious views, and sexualities. The stars belong to all of us.

The current editorial is The T-Space Universe: Where Did It Come From?

Happy Treason Month! I hope you are all wearing your masks and reading lots of books. We have great plans for the future: more stories, more authors, even more aliens. Tentacles! Free stuff, too. And a chance to read along with the writing of a new T-Space story -- check your newsletters for details.

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Upcoming Books

Maroon Sunia: Barbarian Princess of the Frozen North, will debut on Smashwords in a variety of formats. Several shorter pieces set in the T-Space Universe will be finalized, including the long anticipated Step Lightly, Space Kitty. The Captain's greatest treasure has been lost in a game of chance. Can it be returned before the Captain finds out?

Other books will also be featured, so come on in and see what is new!

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