Announcing, Universe of Attractions: Cross-Species Speculative Fiction Love Stories

How different can two entities be, yet still share the bond commonly known as love? An alien and a human? A surface dweller and a sea dweller? Living and no longer living? Organic and stone? A man and a planet? How can such different beings find each other, and how will they overcome the differences between them? Which barriers are just too high to cross?

These twenty stories cover the range of Speculative Fiction—Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Horror—as well as the entirety of Human experience. From Ancient Greece to a far flung futures, from suburbia to empty wilderness, these stories look for love wherever it is found.

Sometimes there are happy endings. Sometimes it cannot be. And sometimes—it is up to the reader to decide. Love is always a chancy thing.

Fiction by Darin Hlavaz, E.J. LeRoy, Bill Davidson, Alfred D. Byrd, Max Turner, Opal Kire, L. Pine, Dee Caples, iTi, Ziaul Moid Khan, Robert Allen Lupton, Stella B James, Derek Des Agnes, Graham J. Darling, K.L. Wooderson, Joshua D. Taylor, James Tucker, Diane Arrelle, Maya Levine, Elizabeth Davis, and Helen E Davis.

Published in English

100,000 words

$2.99 US


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