Retro-style Speculative Fiction which will also feature female and male protagonists, people of varying cultures, religious views, and sexualities. The stars belong to all of us.

Editorial: Goodbye 2022!

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Yay! They're Here!

Yay! It's Here!

Now Available!

Introducing our newest anthology, Yay! They’re Here!, a collection of first contact stories that start off optimistically—for someone. And then, things happen: humor, tragedy, horror. Twenty authors, twenty voices from around the world, took up the challenge and gave us twenty wonderful stories! Here is the line-up:

Jennifer Lee Rossman (And Let It Go); C.J. Peterson (Split Decision); Lisa Timpf (A Subtle Form of Combat); Britt Foster (Integration); Elizabeth Davis (Appendix E to Incident Report for Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Hanger 13,12/14/2021: Untitled Document Found on Dr. Barletta’s PC); Steven Kubrak (Exit 57); Graham J Darling (A Pleasant Walk, a Pleasant Talk); Steve Altman (The World of the Wars); David Rae (Jutland); Rory Spickett (There's Something in the Woods); Tony Rauch (the encounter); Lena Ng (The New Neighbors); Ziaul Moid Khan (The Nightstalker); Holly Schofield (I Love Lupi); Jane Nightshade (Lupus); Ross Baxter (Human Nature); Mord McGhee (Epoch's Knell); Robin Pond (Close Encounter); Jon-Michael Emory (Conception); and Ruth Capasso (Friends).

You can find it at Amazon, both in print and for Kindle. (Or search for the title on your local Amazon site) or in a variety of ebook formats at Smashwords.

The Kickstarter was a success. We raised enough money to fund wraparound covers for both Yay! They're Here! and Universe of Attractions, and to start future projects. Now comes the waiting: waiting for the Kickstarter funds to be transferred to us, then waiting for the printing and shipping of the physical rewards. Meanwhile, we will be busy finishing up the digital rewards. And knitting bookmarks. So many knitted bookmarks...

Until next time, the Plaguies wish you a happy summer!

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