Retro-style Speculative Fiction which will also feature female and male protagonists, people of varying cultures, religious views, and sexualities. The stars belong to all of us.

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To Reign in Hell

At long last, the continuation of the epic story started in To Serve in Heaven. Two years after the violent suppression of the People’s Assembly, the survivors live on either in the increasingly repressive Volant Habitat or as exiles on Mars. But the hopes of the Mars Now Movement for terraforming the Red Planet have been suppressed and are facing extinction. When Peter Erica Carmen and his students are told that they must destroy all their plants and hard work, they fight back: Peter by running for the position of Delegate to the General Assembly of Mars, and others resorting to terrorist ways. Meanwhile, the beloved Queen of the Volants, imprisoned in her palace by her Prime Minister, starts her own clandestine operation to learn the truth of what is happening. As the conspirators on Mars face the consequences of their own actions, tensions in Volant Habitat reach the point of explosion. Will Volant dreams of flying free on Mars be crushed by tyranny? Were they better off where they were, or where they are now? Milton's words take new meaning in this near-future story of genetic engineering and rebellion.

It's just a game, right? A simple virtual reality game. But on Keineander Station - a metropolis set in space, home to three sentient races and visited by many more, a spaceliner hub, and where cartels fight for dominance -- nothing is simple. This novella is serialized on Amazon Vella, but will be coming soon to Kindle and Smashwords.

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